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Washing machines

Washing machine

We cannot imagine our life without a washing machine. We do our laundry almost every day especially when you have kids at home. Therefore, when you see that your washing machine is not working, it is time to schedule a call with a professional technician and fix your washing machine.

There are many brands and models of washing machines and it is better to trust your appliances diagnostics to an experienced and well-trained technician. We work with many supply houses locally and can get the parts to be replaced as quickly as possible so that you won’t stay without a functioning appliance for along time. Call us today to schedule an appointment for an appliance service.

When you know that your washing machine is not working?

The most obvious signs pointing that your washing machine needs a repair service is when:

 Water is in the drum
If the waster after the first cycles is still not completely draining out of the machine, then it’s time to schedule a service call. There might be some serious issues with your washing machine, but it needs to be diagnosed by a professional technician. Trying to take out the load and repeat the cycle over again will just add more pressure on existing damaged parts that might need a replacement.

Laundry is not cleaned
If your washing machine is not starting the cycle as it used before, it might need a professional service. An experience and trained technician will be able to identify the problem which is causing the problem why your laundry is not spinning.

Washing machines are not supposed to be very quiet appliances, but if you hear the squeaks and you have not heard this sound before, it can mean that some internal parts are damaged and only a professional can identify if the problem can be fixed, or something internally needs to be replaced.

Code errors showing unexpected results
The modern washing machines have all types of displays and sensors and when those sensors and displays are showing some code error, that might be a signal of some mechanical damage inside the washing machine.

Water is not filling the drum
If you see that washing machine is not receiving the water or the water is not enough, it might be another issue that needs to be addressed by a professional technician. A technician will be able to diagnose what’s causing this issue.

Starting and stopping
If your washing machine keeps starting and stopping over again over the washing cycle, you might need a professional to diagnose the problem. The washing machine is supposed to stop during the washing cycle transitions, but it should not stop the cycle completely and start over again.

There might be many other issues that can happen to your washing machine and the best ciyrse of action is to call a professional to diagnose the damage. A professional service will help you identify the problem correctly, which will save you money from replacing the whole unit and extending the lifespoan of your appliance.

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