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Refrigerators are one of those home appliances that require an emergency service once they are broken. There are many brand names and models of refrigerators, and it is essential that a technician has an expertise in working with different models and brand names of refrigerators. Our appliance technicians at Greenergy HVAC & Fireplace have an experience of over 10 years appliance services industry and we will be able to help you with any kind of service, from repair to installation and / or full replacement.


Refrigerators usually have a very long lifespan, but before the fridge is completely broken, there will be few signs that it is wearing out or that you might need a new refrigerant in the nearest future.

Excessive condensation

You can easily notice that your fridge is not cooling properly if you see that your fridge is sweating in the middle of a heat wave. If this is happening to your fridge, the problem might be in a bad sealing around the door. Excessive condensation can also be noticed inside the fridge, which means that temperature setting is not operating properly.

The motor is running hot

If you can feel too much heat in the back of your refrigerator, that could be a good sign that something is wrong with your appliance. The coils in the back of refrigerators are well insulated and, therefore, it is better to call a technician to inspect the coils to make sure that your refrigerator is running good.

Food is rapidly spoiling

If your drinks are not cooling fast enough or the food is spoiling sooner than it should be, then this is a sign that your fridge is about to breakdown. A refrigerator, which is not able to maintain the right temperature, will be just adding up on your energy bills.

The freezer is frozen

If you find that your freezer is starting to resemble an iceberg, and the problem continues to arise even after defrosting the whole unit.

If you can hear your fridge running

If you can hear how your fridge is running and the sound is loud, then you should schedule a call with a technician to find the cause of the problem. A professional technician will be able to figure out the source of excessive noise and while refrigerators are not very quiet appliances, you should not really notice any noise while it is running.


If your refrigerator keeps breaking down and you are leaning towards to replacing it with a new one, we will be happy to install a new appliance and get haul of an old unit. At some point it might cost more continuing to repair an aging refrigerator than buying a new one.