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Oven and Stove

Stove and oven are probably one of the most important kitchen appliances, and it is vital that you should be able to use these appliances to their full potential. Unlike other kitchen appliances, it is a costly thing to replace the stove and/or an oven, when it can be fixed and serve for many more years. Our technicians repair most major brands and models of stoves and ovens and we have an experience of fixing all kinds of stove/oven problems.

Repairing a stove or an oven is not the same as fixing any other type of kitchen appliance since you are dealing with a gas line, and it is better to trust this to an experienced professional. Same as other kitchen appliances, stoves and ovens come with different models and brands and choosing a right technician who will be able to provide the quality service will save you time and money.


Gas burners won’t ignite

If you have a gas stove and the burners wont light even with a match, you could try to troubleshoot the problem on your own by following the following steps:
1. Lift off the burner grate, burner cap and burner base.
2. Clean any food debris out of the burner or some compressed air.
3. Clean the grate, cap and case.
4. Check the wires connecting the igniter as there might be a loose connection.
However, if the burner won’t still light, the igniter might need a replacement.

The range burner won’t heat

Sometimes electric burners won’t heat up and in such case these burners might need to be replaced. However, there are some steps you could follow to try to turn on the burners.
1. Unplug the faulty burner from the burner socket and plug the working one in it.
2. Replace the burner that keeps heating up.
3. The burner that does not heat up might need a replacement.
4. Try to test the burner and if it is not working, then infinite switch might need a replacement.

The oven won’t heat

If your gas oven won’t heat, it might be because of a faulty igniter and because of a heating element if it is an electric oven. When both of your gas oven and gas burners do not work, you will need to schedule a professional repair service as the issue could be a more serious gas line problem.

The oven won’t heat to the correct temperature

If the oven cannot hold the temperature, this might be because of problems with the temperature sensor, gas igniter or the heating element.

The oven door won’t shut

If the door of your oven won’t shut, you can try to fix it on your own by taking the following steps:
1. If it’s a gas stove, unplug the oven and turn off the gas.
2. Pull it out straight up and out on the door to remove it from the oven.
3. Check the hinges, they might need to be replaced.
4. Check for broken door springs.
5. If the springs are broken, remove them with pliers.
6. Check the silicon or rubber gasket around the door, it might need to be replaced.
7. If the door of your oven still won’t shut, then you might need to schedule a call with a technician.

The interior light is out

The interior light of an oven can be replaced just like any other light bulb.

The oven won’t self-clean

If your oven’s self-cleaning cycle stops working, first thing you should check is to make sure that the cycle is starting correctly, make sure that timers and knobs are set correctly. If you still keep experiencing problems with the self-cleaning cycle, then you might try to call a professional service company.
There are many other problems that might happen to your oven or a stove, and our technicians at Greenergy HVAC & Fireplace are ready to help you to avoid the frustrating experience of non-functioning oven or stove. Call us and we will schedule a diagnostics service and will solve your issues.


If your oven or stove is too old and you feel ready to replace it with a new one, we are ready to help you with the replacement job, we will remove the old one and will install a new appliance safely. We can also provide you a maintenance on your oven and stove. We will check the gas lines before installation and will get rid off the old unit for you. There are many safety hazards associated with installing a gas or an electric oven and it is better to trust this job to an experienced technician.