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Mini-Split Systems

Mini-Split Systems



As the name stands, ductless air conditioners as popularly referred to mini splits, operate just like central air conditioning units, but without the ducts. Mini splits offer a variety of benefits, including lower utility bills and they also operate quietly compared to ducted models. However, despite their popularity many homeowners do not know how they operate.


In a conventional air conditioning unit, the indoor unit lives in attic or closet and the ducts carry air to this central location, where it can be cooled and returned to home through more ducts. Compared to standard air conditioning unit, in a mini-split system individual indoor units are located in each room or “zone” and each room will handle its own cooling needs through an individual fan and evaporator unit. The fan and evaporator unit is connected to an outdoor compressor unit via refrigerant lines and the air is transported to an outdoor unit via refrigerant lines and is cooled on its way and then returned to the indoor unit that circulates it in the room.


Ductless air conditioning units are becoming increasingly popular mainly due to the absence of ductwork installation and the higher energy efficiency. Despite the slightly higher costs of ductless mini splits as compared to the conventional duct air conditioning units, the benefits outweigh these higher costs. Here are some main reasons why homeowners more increasingly give their preference to ductless mini splits.

Ductless mini splits are easier and quicker to install.

Unlike the hassles of routing duct along or in the walls, or in the attic or crawl space to connect together the various parts of the system, ductless mini splits are quickly and easily installed with no duct work required. Ductless mini splits area easy to install and they weigh less as compared to conventional air conditioning units. The installation of ductless mini splits is usually completed within a day and the sperate systems can be fitted on a room-to-room basis.

Ductless systems are flexible.

Mini split area easily adaptable and offer flexible options. The conventional heating and cooling systems are distributed throughout the entire building and, therefore, the same temperature will be maintained in all rooms. The ductless systems are installed independently and, therefore, provide heating and cooling solution on a room-by-room basis. Floor-mount, ceiling-recessed and horizontal ducted configurations are commonly used.

Ductless mini splits are usually more efficient and affordable.

Ductless mini splits are an excellent energy efficient HVAC solution as they allow homeowners to save on electrical bills on about 30% to 40%. Ductless mini splits systems tend to use less power than regular duct air conditioning and heating systems. They can also be used on a room-by-room basis, which allows to create temperature-controlled zones. The modern mini split systems allow also to heat the space as well as cool it.

Mini splits also offer dehumidifying and air purifying benefits.

Modern ductless mini split units also do not require regular maintenance as they come with sophisticated filtration cartridges that are easily washed and replaced. These mini splits have integrated multistage filtration systems that help to eliminate the vast majority of problematic airborne particles from getting inside the building.


When there is no pre-existing ductwork.

Many commercial spaces and pre-existing homes have no ductwork and, therefore, building and installing all that ductwork could be very costly.

When certain spaces have heating and cooling issues.

Different rooms in a same building are heated and cooled differently based on their location and ductless systems are a perfect solution in such cases as they allow to reduce or increase the temperature based on specific needs.

When wanting to downsize without moving.

Heating and cooling bills are commonly among the largest of all the bills, but with regular ducted systems, it is impossible to stop heating and cooling of individual rooms, while ductless HVAC systems solve this problem by allowing to target specific rooms.

When you live with people with specific needs.

Elderly people and newborn babies require a certain temperature to be maintained in their rooms and ductless air conditioning and heating systems are a perfect solution for this as they allow to maintain certain comfort zone temperatures.

When there are renovation projects of your house.

Ductless systems work well for homeowners that want to extend their homes by adding garages, home theater rooms and other spaces and instead of rerouting the whole HVAC system, ductless systems can be installed in certain spaces only.


If your home is experiencing issues with ductless systems, schedule a service call with us and ensure that your home ductless systems work smoothly all year long! We offer a full range of installation, maintenance and repair services on mini split systems.