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Our Residential Energy Savings Agreements are designed to keep your system running as long as possible. Regular maintenance agreements can help avoid costly repairs and early equipment downtime. Functioning heating systems are essential to your home and we are ready to help keep well-maintained your HVAC system all year round.


HVAC Maintenance needs to be done twice a year. The best timing for scheduling HVAC maintenance is in early spring and in early fall. Thus, this will help to keep your indoor heating system units in prime condition throughout the year. A well-maintained HVAC system will provide better energy efficiency, require fewer repair visits and have a longer life span.


We stand to provide the right service at the right price. Our maintenance agreements are designed to be affordable so that you can maintain annual visits on regular basis. The benefits of signing up for a regular maintenance agreement include:

• Lower utility bills
• Extended equipment life
• Fewer repairs
• Improved capacity
• 15% discount of repairs
• Priority customer
• Inflation protection
• Agreement is transferable
• 24-hour emergency service.


We undertake a comprehensive and thorough approach when visiting your home for annual heating and AC maintenance. Our precision tune-up procedures include:

• Clean and adjust burner assembly
• Clean ignition assembly
• Clean heat exchange or elements
• Monitor flue drafts
• Monitor refrigerant pressure
• Test starting capabilities
• Test safety controls
• Clean or replace air filters
• Measure for correct air flow
• Tighten electrical connection
• Measure volts / amps
• Lubricate all moving parts
• Adjust thermostat calibration
• Clean condenser oil
• Clean condensate drains
• Measure temperature difference.

If you need or are overdue for your HVAC maintenance visit, contact Greenergy online or call us at (919) 695-7427. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction! We service all brands and models.