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Gas Furnaces

Heating Installations

Inside a gas furnace. Focus = the top of the middle flange. 12MP camera.

We approach with a great precision and detail to work when it comes to installing a new heating system unit at your home. We have a team of professionals with mechanical and engineering background that are knowledgeable to in every aspect of heating installation and that will set the equipment , test the system, and make all the necessary adjustments.

Contact us online or call (919) 695-7427 to speak to a member of our team for heating installation service and / or to learn more about our heating systems and services.

Heating System Options

We work with different brands and models and can recommend the best solution for installation. We approach the installation projects with diligence and care are always ready to advise on the best installation unit for your home.
We stand for the quality of our work and our technicians will inspect the area surrounding the new heating system and any additional units that are built in alongside with the furnace.
We install the following heating systems:
• Furnaces
• Heat pumps
• Geothermal heating systems
• Ductless mini-splits
• And more.

Selecting The Right Equipment

Heating systems are offered in different sizes, models and in a variety of price ranges, energy efficiency and durability. The choice of right heating systems mainly depends on efficiency expectations and fuel availability.

The team of our experts will help you choose the right heating equipment and provide advise on variety of furnaces based on their efficiency, maintenance requirements.

Our technicians will make all the necessary calculations and measurements to determine the amount of heat energy required to meet the indoor load with the consideration of following factors:
• Size of the home
• Size of rooms
• Number and type of windows
• Number of doors
• Attic and crawl space insulation
• Wall insulation.

Call us today and will help you choose and install the right heating system for your home, which will fit all your requirements.

Heating Repairs

The most common problems of HVAC systems include the burned-out motors, worn bearings or burner problems. It is important to keep indoor equipment is a functioning and good quality and since the gas is a volatile mixture and it is crucially important to hire well-trained and skilled contractors.

There are many kinds of heating systems, and we repair all kinds of heating systems, including:
• Furnaces
• Heat pumps
• Geothermal heating systems
• Ductless mini splits
• And many other.

We believe that we have the right expertise and the right technical resources to perform any kind of diagnostics, repair and replacement/installation jobs in time and efficiently.

At Greenergy HVAC & Fireplace we respond quickly to every service inquiry, and we process the customer calls of heating repairs with diligence and care as we understand the importance of having well-functioning central heating unit. We are ready to address any issues related to repairs of heating system of your home.

Get in touch with Greenergy HVAC & Fireplace online or call (919) 695-7427 for professional heating and colling repairs throughout Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, Wake Forest and Garner, NC area!