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Fireplace Services


Fireplace Services

Modern fireplaces are presented in different formats, produced under different brands and, therefore, fireplace systems require professional knowledge when it comes to repair, replacement or installation. The fireplace systems same as HVAC units require annual maintenance to ensure safety of your home.

At Greeneergy we work with different types of fireplaces, including gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces, direct vent fireplaces. We also do fireplaces inserts. We work with different brands and names and are partnered with some large fireplace parts suppliers in case you need to replace certain item.

We offer a wide range of fireplace services, including:

• Fireplace cleaning to ensure that system is free of dust debris.
• Fireplace diagnostics.
• Verifying secured and aligned burner with pilot or igniter.
• Inspecting gasket seals and glass assembly.
• Inspecting logs for placement issues.
• Inspecting orifice, thermocouple, the thermopile.


When fireplace systems do not work properly, it can cause danger to your home and safety of your family. The most common problems with fireplace are:
• Pilot Light Is Not Lighting: The pilot light in a gas fireplace is a small gas-fueled flame that stays lit constantly, igniting the main burners, when heat is demanded. Sometimes the pilot light goes out and the burners won’t light.
• Pilot Light Not Staying Lit: In gas fireplaces, the thermocouple keeps the gas flowing to the pilot light as long as combustion is happening there. It does this by sending a small amount of electricity into the gas valve whenever it detects heat, signaling the valve to stay open. If pilot light only stays lit for 20 to 40 seconds or so, and then repeatedly goes out, it is most likely that there is a problem with thermocouple.
• Dirty Gas Fireplace: Some fireplaces are not cleaned for several years and dirty gas fireplaces can cause several issues, like lower flame height, decreased heat output and even gas leaks. Gas fireplaces require professional cleaning once a year and need an inspection of vents and flue.
• Cracked Fire Brick: Fireplaces are usually lined with heat-resistant masonry blocks called fire bricks. However, these fire bricks do not last forever due to reasons such as poor installation, a shifting house foundation, chimney fires that can all cause the fire bricks to crack. Cracks may lead to harmful gases leaking.


Our fireplace diagnostics services will cover:

• Checking for proper installation and venting
• Checking the ignition system, including the pilot
• Checking all connections
• Checking the firebox and making needed repairs/touch-ups
• Checking logs and log placement,
• And more.


At Greenergy, we can help you with gas logs or fireplace installation. We have an experienced team of fireplace technicians that will make sure that your fireplace or gas logs are set up properly and safely. We will lead you throughout the whole process of installation starting from the choice of right fireplace for your home, any remodeling work if needed and ending with final installation set up. We can also help you with the replacement of old fireplace to a new fireplace system.


Fireplace systems are very complex and different issues may cause the problems. Our team of experts will be ready to diagnose the source of problem and make the needed adjustments or repairs, replace damaged components and install new components to improve performance. We offer the following repair services:

• Add a blower or add/replace a remote control.
• Adjust or repair the pilot/assembly.
• Replace or repair an igniter.
• Replace damaged seals.
• Adjust or replace faulty knobs or valves.
• Replace damaged or abraded firebox panels.
• Clean, repair and/or replace glass doors.
• And much more.

Contact us online or call (919) 695-74-27 to schedule a technician for fireplace diagnostics and repair or installation/replacement services. We have proven ourselves on the fireplace market as a trustworthy company with a customer-oriented approach.