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Fireplace Repairs

Fireplace Repairs

Fireplace systems are very complex and different issues may cause the problems. Our team of experts will be ready to diagnose the source of problem and make the needed adjustments or repairs, replace damaged components and install new components to improve performance. We offer the following repair services:

• Add a blower or add/replace a remote control.
• Adjust or repair the pilot/assembly.
• Replace or repair an igniter.
• Replace damaged seals.
• Adjust or replace faulty knobs or valves.
• Replace damaged or abraded firebox panels.
• Clean, repair and/or replace glass doors.
• And much more.

Contact us online or call (919) 695-74-27 to schedule a technician for fireplace diagnostics and repair or installation/replacement services. We have proven ourselves on the fireplace market as a trustworthy company with a customer-oriented approach.