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Fireplace Installations

Fireplace Installations

Gas fireplaces are the most popular type of fireplaces. Fireplaces not only bring the heat to your home, but also increase the price of your property. Gas log fireplaces release significantly fewer pollutants due to the fact that they rely on natural gas and liquid propan, which allows to produce heat without the mess of smoke, fumes, and unnecessary pollution.
However, fireplace installation is a big job, since it requires a technician to deal with gas lines. Therefore, if fireplace is installed improperly, that can cause vital consequences. We have been working with all types of jobs starting fro replacement of wood fireplaces with gas logs and ending with a complete new installation of gas fireplace logs and can guarantee the quality of our work.
We approach our jobs with full responsibility and attention to detail, we double check all the residential gas lines, adjust valves, check safety pilot assembly and all other necessary connections. We promise you that you will end up a nicely set up gas fireplace log.
We do more than 100 fireplace jobs a year and have a very experienced team of technicians. We will lead you throughout the whole process of installation starting from the choice of right fireplace for your home, any remodeling work if needed and ending with final installation set up.