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Dishwashers are one of the most needed kitchen appliances in our every day life and while some may believe that hand washing may be environmentally friendly, research and experience have actually proven that dishwashers are better at preventing health issues, protecting the environment and saving you time. It is no doubt that dishwashers clean better, protect from germs, are energy and water efficient, and save enormous amount of your time. There are many benefits of using a dishwasher and it is essential that your energy efficient machine should be working properly at any time.


We serve all brands of dishwashers and always try to find a cost-effective solution for our customers without going for a full replacement of the unit when it is possible. Our professionals have an experience of over 8 years working with different brands and models of appliances. We also provide maintenance of dishwashers, which could save your appliance from early repairs.


Water temperature

Dishwashers use certain temperature of hot water to ensure that your dishes are properly sanitized and cleaned. You can easily check whether your dishwasher is working properly if you touch your dishes straight after the wash cycle and they are not hot enough, then this might be a sign that your dishwasher needs a repair.

Broken latch door

This is something you will be able to notice straight away as if the latch door is not properly sealed, the wash cycle may not be started, or it may cause the leakage of water.


Any kind of leakage is a clear sign that your refrigerator needs a repair immediately.

Pooling of water

Another sign pointing at the repair is when there are pools of water within your dishwasher as it can lead to growing mold at the bottom of dishwasher, decreased amount of washed dishes and just further damage of your dishwasher.


Sometimes when the repair fee might cost as much as the replacement of the whole appliance, we suggest our customers to go with the installation of a new unit as the same problem might be recurring on a constant basis. Appliances like dishwashers come with new features every year and we would love to take care of installing a new appliance at your home.