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Air Conditioners

Air Conditioning Services From Repairs to Replacements


As summer seasons is very long in North Carolina, maintaining an efficient cooling system is essential for any home. At Greenergy we offer full range of services for air conditioning.

We are ready to provide a fair evaluation of your home’s current air conditioning system and help you improve you’re the energy efficiency of the air conditioning system with:

• New energy efficient appliances
• Smart eco-system
• Innovative heat pump solutions
• Regular maintenance.

The range of air conditioning services we offer include:
• Emergency repairs
• Routine repairs
• Annual maintenance
• On time installations.

We work with all brands and names of air conditioning systems including heat pumps, ductless systems and all-in-one systems. If you need professional services for your air conditioning system at home, call us today for scheduling a technician.


We provide professional air conditioning services for both commercial and residential sectors. We understand the importance of working with AC units without additional disruption to customer’s everyday routine. Our technicians are skilled and professional to identify the technical cause of problems, find faulty components, repair the whole system, document any other potential problems and fixing the equipment to work at its maximum capacity.

The advantages of well-functioning air conditioning systems include:
• Humidity control: A well-functioning AC unit will help to lower the humidity level and if integrated together with dehumidifier, that will increase the indoor air quality and maintain the right level of humidity.
• Improved Indoor Air Quality: Properly maintained cooling system with the appropriate filtration system provide high quality air indoor.
• Energy efficient, smart temperature adjustment: With smart thermostats, it is possible to control the temperature from any of your electronic devices by turning on and off anytime from anywhere.
• Extended system life: A properly working AC unit, when installed properly and maintained regularly will serve a long life and will keep you from expensive replacement/installation issue.
• Increased energy efficiency: A well-functioning AC unit is more environmentally friendly.
• Added home value: A well maintained, and properly functioning AC unit will always increase the value of your home.
• Increased home comfort: With humid and hot summers of North Carolina, it is essential to have a good air conditioning system that will provide your home with right cooling throughout the hot seasons of the year.

We try to offer the best possible service at fair prices to earn a customer for lifetime. We make sure that a customer will get the service needed and will stay satisfied with the quality of our work. Call us today to schedule a technician for your AC repair!


At Greenergy we believe that successful installation start with an engineering approach as the installation process requires running the calculations so the capacity of the equipment will precisely match the cooling requirements of residential or commercial unit.

We follow the manual for installation services that incorporate energy consumptions metrics into computations, which includes:
• Total size of the building
• Regional temperature and humidity history
• Insulation R-values for ceiling and wall assemblies
• Perimeter tightness
• Thermal conductivity of windows and doors
• Duct leakage
• Building orientation.

When air conditioning system is not properly sized, it may not be used its intended operating life cycle and may cause different kinds of problems. For example, oversized air conditioning system may increase operating expenses, whereas undersized air conditioning system may not have sufficient capacity. This all may cause premature equipment failure.
We have a team of well trained and skilled professionals that are knowledgeable of installation process. We approach any installation and replacement job with attention to detail. A new central air conditioning system represents a significant investment and adds value to your home and, therefore, it is essential to hire skilled professionals to get the best service. When scheduling an installation or replacement job with us, we offer you:
• Fair prices
• High quality work
• Emergency 24-hour services.

Call us today at (919) 695-7427 to schedule an installation / replacement job with us!